PHYX Keyer

Get your hands on the most powerful keying system in the world.

PHYX Keyer is a collection of 10 powerful plugins to create chroma keys, and match and blend images for the perfect result. GPU accelerated for speed and precision. Features and benefits:

  • Key actors with or without a green screen. Create the perfect key quickly without special hardware.
  • Remove green or blue 'spill' which destroys realism. Actors blend-in without artifacts.
  • Color-match actors to the background. Composites look more realistic and feel 'shot together'.
  • Repair skin tones and re-light skin. Actors look better with smooth skin and enhanced lighting.
  • And more !

    PHYX Keyer 5, the latest version, has been sufficiently enhanced with speed increases of up to 400%. With these new additions, PHYX Keyer 5 has become the leading industry choice for blue screen and green screen shots due to its fast and realistic results.


    Chroma Key is a process that extracts a single color and converts that color into a transparency. The transparency 'map' is called a 'matte'. This process is useful when you have a green or blue background that you want to replace with another background. PHYX Keyer also includes tools to create mattes without a green screen or blue screen, giving you complete flexibility.

    See plugin descriptions below for more details.


    Apple Final Cut Pro (7 and 10), Apple Motion (4 and 5)
    Adobe After Effects (CS 5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC), Adobe Premiere Pro (CS6 and CC).
    Apple Mac OS X 10.8 - 10.10


    GPU Accelerated. Optimized for speed and precision.


    Color-matches the present layer to any other plate, blending them together for absolute realism. This is an important part of making composites look as if the layers were 'shot together'.


    Spill is the 'halo' which destroys the realism of many green screen and blue screen shots. Despill effectively neutralizes green or blue spill without color-shifting skin tones.


    DiffKeyer creates a matte of the difference between two shots, so you can key talent without a green screen. With this plug in, any stationary background is effectively a green screen.


    Having jagged edges around 'keyed' talent is one issue that may arise. Edges can refine those jagged edges for a smooth, natural, and more realistic look.


    FastKeyer is the 'lite' version of several other plugins wrapped into an all-in-one package. This single plugin contains simplified versions of Keyer, Despill, Composite Matcher, and LightWrap.


    The power to effective handle any keying project comes from the Keyer plugin. This plugin contains a selection of 6 keying engines, packed to give you unmatched versatility and flexibility for keying backgrounds that are not green or blue.


    Lightwrap plugin provides you with a convenient opportunity to blend background 'light' over a foreground, for a blended look that is 100% realistic. Match lighting efficiently and polish off your keys with Lightwrap.


    Want to combine several mattes? Activate the power of Matte Fuse to combine up to 8 different mattes either inverted or straight to create the perfect matte.


    Uneven greenscreen lighting can cause a number of problems, including the need to create masks around keyed objects. ScreenCorrector makes it easy to achieve a smooth greenscreen, making the keying process faster, and resulting in a cleaner key.


    Skin Tools is a complete powerhouse for skin tone correction and skin relighting. Smooth-out uneven complexions and re-light skin with any color.

    Bill Stiteler - AppleTell

    "Keying is a tricky art, and Phyx has updated their Keyer suite with some new tools and GPU acceleration. When used together (with one exception), you can get a great, realistic effect. Phyx Keyer is a useful suite of tools. Perhaps more importantly, it’s dead easy to use. It doesn’t make creating a chroma key into a one-click operation, but it makes the process simple."

    Frank McMahon - Millimeter

    "PHYX Keyer serves an emerging market well: It's a low-priced keying solution that does most of the heavy lifting for you. In the past, keying software offered a dizzying array of parameters and options to tweak. This level of control came in handy for laborious adjusting, but sometimes programs offered little in the way of automatic options. PHYX Keyer lets you combine two or three of its included plug-ins and produces professional results with little effort. "


    "I love what PHYX has done for pulling the perfect chroma key. Keyer 2.0 is an amazing plugin for FxFactory that will allow you to pull the perfect key in Final Cut Pro, Motion, After Effects or Final Cut Express. If I had PHYX Keyer 2.0, 4 years ago my job would’ve been so much easier. Instead I rendered overnight and sometimes had to make a correction that would send me back to re-render. "


    Generate mattes via chroma-key, and create stunning composites with ease. Regular price $199. Special offer 75% off.